Home away from home

This week was our fall break and I had decided to go home for the weekend to pick some things up and see family and friends. It was really nice and I miss my hometown, but on my last day I could not wait to get back to Florida Tech. It’s not that I don’t like my hometown of Tampa it’s just that I really feel at home at FIT. I found myself checking up on my roommate and friends who stayed on campus for the fall break.  Besides the homework and exams that await me when I got back to school, I really did want to get back to campus as soon as possible.

I recently visited UCF and it’s literally  a city onto itself. The campus is enormous and you would be crazy to walk everywhere if you had somewhere to be on time. Just in the short time I was there, I felt like I was lost (because we literally did get lost). I think what gives Florida Tech that home-y feeling is how it’s small but not too small. It’s small enough that you can walk to all of your classes and get there in 5-10 minutes, but big enough that you won’t keep bumping into the same people day after day. It’s actually really nice since you still get the full-scale college experience but with the benefit of a small friendly campus. Somehow it doesn’t get stale. It’s really something else and I look forward to heading back to campus, but I don’t ever look forward to the 3 hour drive…

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