A New Home at Florida Tech for the Holidays

(Here I am carving one of the turkeys. We had about 25 people at the table and probably enough food to feed twice that number)

For many Florida Tech students, going home for Thanksgiving isn’t always feasible. When home is halfway around the world, you’re spending a large sum of money, as well as two travel days out of your vacation, to get there. For a short Thanksgiving break, making the trip home just plain doesn’t make sense. If you’re from a foreign country, there’s no significance to the American Thanksgiving anyway. Regardless of where you live, the idea that many of your friends are going home to spend time with their families makes you long for your own. This past Thanksgiving was my first Thanksgiving spent away from my family. In the past, I’d gone home for the holiday, but a desire to try something new, and the fact that I’ll be going home for winter break two weeks later, persuaded me to stay here.

In my time here I have learned that the school turns into a sort of ghost town during the holidays. The library and dining hall have considerably shorter hours and not many people are around. Those that do remain become good friends very quickly because who wants to just sit in their room alone and watch Netflix for five days straight? I spent my time getting ahead for classes and prepping for finals that were fast approaching. On Thanksgiving Day, I was lucky to have the opportunity to go to my fraternity’s house to have a proper Thanksgiving feast with some of my brothers and our friends. My brothers really have become a second family and it was high time I got to spend a holiday with them.

So, when going home is not an option during your Thanksgiving break, get with a few friends and celebrate the holiday together for some food and fun.

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