Hop on the FastTrack to Graduate School

Not only did I just earn my Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management, but I also got a head start in graduate school while doing it. There are numerous awesome academic opportunities at Florida Tech, and I made sure to take advantage of them. I did not know that I was interested in obtaining a master’s degree until I learned about the FastTrack program.

FastTrack is a program that allows students to take graduate-level courses while earning an undergraduate degree. During your junior year, there is a simple application that can get you right into graduate school at Florida Tech without all the usual admission costs and requirements. This opportunity is not only available to aviation students, but many other Bachelor of Science degrees as well.

Once accepted into the program, students can earn up to six graduate credits during their senior year. This will not add additional work to your curriculum, because six undergraduate credits will be replaced with the graduate credits. This is a great chance to get a sneak peak at graduate classes and how much work they are. In addition to these essentially “free” classes, you are allowed to keep 60 percent of your Florida Tech undergraduate scholarship during the first full year as a full-time graduate student. If you want to gain both money and experience during your studies, it’s possible to replace the scholarship with graduate or research assistantships. FastTrack is the perfect program to help you finish your education with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in only five years!

At Florida Tech, the possibilities are endless. Check out some of the other academic programs and opportunities available to students, including ProTrack, Study Abroad, UTeach and minors.


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