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Campbell Hall


The last freshman housing option is in the Residence Quad. This area is a mixture of upperclassmen and freshman, but the freshman get an entire building known as Campbell Hall. The Quad has been my home for the past four years or so, and I have really grown to love it. Once again, you get a two person room and a wing specific bathroom. Here you only have three floors (no elevator) that aren’t so competitive, but you still get that community feel. There is a central lobby that is getting a ping pong table soon and some nice green outside to play sports. The largest benefits of the Quad are being close to classes, close to the parking garage, close to the tennis courts and close to the Black Kats Kafe, which means milkshakes, karaoke and video games.

In the future there are several places for you to look into: Evans Hall, Brownlie Hall, Wood Hall, Panther Bay, Southgate Apartments and Harris Village, but you can worry about those a little later. I know this was a lot of information, but these four freshman housing areas, really do have their own benefits. Make sure you take a look to try and find the area that’s right for you!

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