How to deal with heat at FIT

By now, I can safely say that I am not the only one suffering from Florida’s blistering heat. What’s makes it even harder to cope, is that your body is constantly adjusting to hot and cold. You might be walking across campus, with sweat about to break and then jump into your classroom that could be freezing thanks to the ice-cold A/C. I am constantly bouncing between buildings and classrooms while traversing the campus, so I thought I would offer you some ideas and advice on navigating between the hot Florida sun and your Florida Tech classrooms.

  • Wear a cardigan or light jacket. These can easily be taken off and even if you forget to take the cardigan off, it is light enough that it won’t make you feel too hot outside.  Another advantage is that it doesn’t take much space in your bag and it is not heavy!!!
  • Stay hydrated. They say water is the essence of life; it not only helps keep you hydrated but prevents you from feeling faint or sleepy in class. The change in temperature (from hot to cold and back to hot) has a tendency of causing drowsiness, and drinking lots of water helps with that.  *Note: Avoid hot beverages!
  • Avoid wearing black.   There’s an 80% chance that you will find me wearing something black and I suffer …A LOT! Contrary to popular belief, color matters! So, instead of wearing dark colors, go for lighter colors like blue, yellow, green, etc. I promise nobody’s gonna laugh at you!
  • Decrease your exposure to the sun. You could take a break in the student lounge in Evans Hall or the Student Union building. You could even cut through the botanical gardens which have lots of shaded areas and it always seems to feel a few degrees cooler in there.
  • Use Sunscreen. There is a reason sunscreen is a Florida staple. It helps protect your skin from UV rays! Use it.
  • Carry snacks. I always carry some kind of sugary candy on me, so that if I ever feel dizzy, I have a nice little boost of sugar at hand. You could always add your favorite healthy snack, like a banana to help prevent the wobbles.
  • Eat your Wheaties. A solid breakfast can help you power through the day and give your body the strength it needs to go from hot to cold, you’ll be doing that a lot this time of year.

I hope that the above helps make your life easier because it sure helps mine. What ideas do you have to keep cool?

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  1. Very resourceful advice especially in Florida weather! It was an entertaining read, write more like this one.

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