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The semester has commenced andEntrance to Oaks for a lot of people it’s just another walk through campus. Every year brings new people, new programs and new beginnings. Fresh faces arise waiting for new adventures and old faces return with stories to tell.
Florida Tech is not a big campus, however; it is still easy to walk by someone you’ve never met. How often do you walk by the Crawford Greens and see someone you don’t know? Getting lost in the commotion that is college facilitates itself to you whether it’s your first year or your last.
As Racks by maila first year, you come into college filled with wonder and excitement, you want to meet new people, know all the cool places to chill, and see or experience what you never would have elsewhere. After a while, once the classes become more difficult, the days become shorter, and the free time becomes nearly nonexistent, you start to lose that wonder and sense of curiosity towards what surrounds you. This enigma isn’t just true for first years, but even more so for returners. As a returner, you are just ready to be done and would rather walk around with your eyes closed. Do you recall those 5 questions your grammar teacher drilled into your head as a child? Who? What? Where? When? and Why? These are the 5 questions we lack to ask on a daily basis.
As students, we spend a lot of our time mail boywalking to and from classes, which means we pass at least 50 people a day. Now of those 50, how many do you actually notice, how many do you stop and say hello to, how many do you share a smile with? If your answer was not many, don’t worry, it’s normal; since we spend a great deal of time looking and not seeing, we lose out on what is around us. We are human, it happens, and with that I introduce you to the theme for this post and all future posts; we are human, we are the Humans of FIT. Follow my footsteps through campus, see the people I see, and learn new things about the human beings that surround us.
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