The Importance of SEO

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Today it’s not even an option – you MUST have a robust, professional website representing your business. But you can’t stop there. The way your customer finds you is key – where do you appear on a Google search? Are you found under the key terms that define the service or product you offer? Where do you rank in that search compared to your competitors?

SEO is no longer just a buzzword in business – it should be a critical component of your marketing strategy from day one. It doesn’t mean you have to be an expert at coding or web development, but you should be familiar with some of the basic terms and how those tools work to help your Search Engine Optimization. Once you know that, you can intelligently work with your web development team to ensure your site is optimized to drive business growth.

This week, Aliona Groh discusses the importance of incorporating SEO into your business strategy. CLICK HERE to read more.

Blog post written by Renee Couperthwaite, Women’s Business Center

The original article, written by Aliona Groh, appeared in FLORIDA TODAY on July 1, 2014 – The Edge: Search engine structure can power website success.

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  1. Nice article.. The importance of search engines cannot be over emphasized as about 80% of site traffic comes from search engines.

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