International Business and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Dr. John R. Patton, associate professor of management, presented a paper entitled “How International Business is Conducted in the Shadow of Weapons of Mass
Destruction on the Korean Peninsula” at the Academy of International Business – Southeast recently at Clearwater Beach. Dr. Patton’s research interests are
global strategies and international business. In his paper Dr. Patton states that the nature of U.S.-South Korean economic trade relations is changing
somewhat as the two countries’ perceptions of the threats posed by North Korea differ in magnitude and scope. The result may well be a decoupling of
relative interests as the U.S. becomes much more hawkish in confronting the North over alleged possession of nuclear weapons, he said. The Korean people
have shown great talents in transforming the nation from an agrarian economy into an industrial economy, Dr. Patton said. They have keen entrepreneurial
talents, excellent education and the ability to move forward in a rapid fashion to compete in international trade and development, he said. Their
willingness to open dialogue with the North and connect rail lines between the two countries are positive signs for the future, according to Dr. Patton.

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