Introduction of a Florida Tech Business Major

College. It’s a time in our lives where we make new friends, try new things and discover who we are. I began my college career in the summer of 2011 by moving 1,242 miles away from my hometown of Suffield, Connecticut.  I was leaving behind friends, family, and everything I knew. I lived my entire life in the same house, on the same street, in that small town. Florida Tech would prove to be an experience like no other I’d had.

I came in as an international business major with a minor in sustainability and have since added a double major in marketing. I quickly became involved in campus life. I rushed and was initiated into the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity and in my first semester I was elected to the position of treasurer, which I still hold to this day. I also hold officer positions in FIRST@FIT as well as the Sailing Club and in my sophomore year I was in Student Government. I host a weekly radio show called The Sunday Cram Sesh to provide study music for assignments done late Sunday nights. My interests are wide-ranging and I always try to make the most out of my four years here at Florida Tech.

In this blog, I will share many of my experiences as a college student—from the classes to campus life.

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