Involvement is Key at Small Schools

By Corin Lobo, Electrical Engineering ’16

I decided to come to a small university because I liked the potential of being able to know every one of my classmates and faculty, as well as developing a strong network through collaboration, research and campus involvement. Because I went to a small high school, I realized the value of numbers, and I didn’t want to be just another student number. I wanted to go to a school where people knew who I was, and a place where I would be able to relate to my professors and peers.

Coming to Florida Tech, I got that experience and more. I have met so many amazing people that I know I will remain friends with for the rest of my life. During my time here, I have experienced so many opportunities I never thought I would. I tried surfing, longboarding, camping, in addition to playing so many different sports that I never dreamed of. I have also gained working experience because I developed relationships with my professors. One of the many campus events I’ve been a part of was orientation. I remember my own freshman orientation. It was an amazing time, and I told myself that I wanted to do that for someone else because I remembered my positive experience so well. I always encourage new students to get involved because there are so many opportunities here and around the community that are beneficial to all students.

Initially when I first came to Florida Tech, I was nervous about being far away from home and not knowing anyone, but the diversity of campus really helped me fit in as a student. I feel completely comfortable here, and I was impressed how easily I adapted and blended with the other students. I also loved the fact of how much the faculty and staff goes out of their way to help students. The faculty truly cares about their students and is always willing to provide guidance in any way they can.

The experience here is one of a kind. I’m so grateful to have made the decision to attend Florida Tech. I’ve learned so much about myself and have grown as an individual. If I had to do it all over again, there is no doubt that Florida Tech would be my first and only choice. Small universities create a true community feeling — that sense of belonging you can’t find anywhere else.

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