It’s time to register for classes. What’s your strategy?

So it’s the first week of November and that means it’s time to register for classes! That wonderful time of stress and opportunity that comes to everyone at any college everywhere! It’s a great time for opportunity because you can make your own dream schedule. All 10AM classes? Done! No class Friday and a three day weekend? Done! If you’re lucky… With all that opportunity there has to come a downside and that’s the planning that goes into making your dream schedule.

Every little class has a class code. Once you have all the basic class names you’re taking next year, you then have to go and find all the specific classes you want which have different instructors and different times.

Now you have to put it together like a puzzle making sure everything fits perfectly.  If there is overlap, you’re going to end up having to find another class that isn’t part of your dream schedule and that’s no fun.

Now it’s not that simple. Ideally, you also want to match up your schedule with your friends. Maybe you and your best bud want to take a Biology class together, well you better make sure it fits into both your puzzles. Yeah it’s a lot of work, but if you have some dedication and you really want to have that dream schedule for next year then it’s totally possible.

One thing that might get in your way is time. Most people start to register for classes at the same time, so everyone is up at midnight with their trigger finger on the mouse waiting to submit their schedule before anyone else. It’s quite literally a fight and the fastest man comes out with their dream schedule. With that my only advice is to make sure you have everything planned and ready for that midnight deadline and don’t you forget to be sitting at a computer the minute that clock hits 12.

What’s your strategy to registration?

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