Job Searching Florida Tech Style

By: Kelsey McMullan


Your amazing new career starts now!

Summer is a fantastic time to gain new work experiences and learn about industries you are interested in working in. However, a lot of college students find they are working mediocre jobs just to make a small amount of money to afford college life next semester.


To help you break into your industry so you can get major related work and be paid, I’m going to break down the resources of Florida Tech Career Management Services. I sincerely hope one of these resources will work and you’ll have a fabulous job over the summer! If you find a position, send us a note or drop by and tell us about it. We love to hear about student work experiences!


First I would like to introduce you to CareerShift. This lovely program stole my heart because of the sheer number of results it has on any given day. CareerShift is a resource to look for positions by type (part-time, full time, or internships), location, and job titles. We don’t control what shows up on this site, but it has a lot to choose from.


The gem of Florida Tech Career Management Services is Panther Career Link. Our staff controls the jobs that we post here. Usually these positions come straight from an employer. Sometimes employers will ask you to send resumes directly to them; sometimes they ask you to go to their website to apply. PCL also allows you to upload resumes, cover letters, and other documents to the database so that employers we have a relationship with can look up our students by major and look at resumes on PCL.


We also use Panther Career Link in other ways, so it’s crucial for Florida Tech students to create a profile on it. We use it for sending out weekly notifications of new positions on PCL and to communicate with our students about exciting upcoming events like employer visits.


Also on our Jobs Center page you can find resources such as, ‘Sites by Major’ and ‘Federal Employment’. For students that would like to find a position outside of the USA we have Going Global. This is like a Panther Career Link for International positions. We also have other links that can assist international students on this page.


There is always LinkedIn and CareerBuilder available to you as well. LinkedIn is becoming more global every day so don’t hesitate to use it for international searches as well. One recruiter I talked with said that she preferred to post technical and educated positions on CareerBuilder over because the caliber of talent was higher on CareerBuilder.

Last but certainly the most important is networking. Build up your network of professional contacts and reach out to them. It’s ok to ask if a position is available. Ask your friends, ask your family, and ask managers that you know you would love to work for.


It’s ok to have a mediocre job in the summer. You will always gain some skills from any job. Stay positive and enjoy the time that you have. A job will help you pay the bills, but a career is something that will make you happy while you are working. Just remember it takes a couple steps, and maybe a couple of summers, to get to that dream career.


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