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Florida Tech has over 100 clubs and organizations. This means you have absolutely no reason to be sitting in your room playing WoW every night after class or sleeping in the anti-gravity chairs on the 4th floor of Evans Library. Getting involved with Florida Tech’s clubs and organizations not only looks great for graduate school, but also gives you something to do as well as make new friends you wouldn’t have met before. You’ll truly realize how “home-y” this campus is, and how great it is to always have someone to sit with in the S.U.B.

Going Greek
There are seven (soon to be eight) snazzy fraternities and three lovely sororities on campus. Greek life definitely makes up a huge population on campus. These Greek organizations are always throwing events whether it be a community service event or a social gathering. It’s a great way to meet people here on campus as well as be part of something that’s national and sometimes even international.

I am part of Alpha Phi sorority; there is also Gamma Phi Beta and Phi Sigma Sigma. I personally love it because I got to befriend a group of girls on a male dominant campus, and I also have someone to borrow clothes, shoes, make-up and advice from. It also helps me look for jobs and internships, posting on my Greek organization’s message board and website helped me acquire advice from other Alpha Phi’s around the nation.

Personally, I am not in any sports teams. They do take up time but you really help bring school spirit to campus, have a great time doing your favorite activity and become very close with everyone on your team because you spend so much time together. Florida Tech’s teams are AMAZING and the games are so much fun to attend.

There are also intramurals for someone who would love to play sports but wants a less serious commitment.  Go to Clemente Center to find out more about sports and intramurals!


  • I am part of Campus Activities Board as the Music Chair. All the  free events and goodies you receive year round is all our fault. We have a blast organizing so many events and making sure there is always something to do. We meet Mondays at 8pm on the 2nd Floor of the SUB.
  • I do PR for Florida Tech College Radio and Florida Tech’s Hockey team. If you see tons of posters, Facebook messages/invites or hear anything for these two organizations, I’m not sorry. It means I’m doing my job correctly.
  • I am part of Panther Pride. I give campus tours once or twice week to prospective freshman. I love seeing freshman this year come up to me and tell me they had me as a tour guide. It means I did my job!
  • I am part of the Sailing Club. We sail Thursdays and Saturdays, but there haven’t been any emails yet. Though when it does start officially, it is amazingly fun. You learn something new every time, and you feel classy when you tell your friends back home that you go sailing.
  • I am part of FIT’s Bouldering and Rock Climbing club. This club was started by my best friends, and we go climbing a couple times a week at a gym about 10minutes away from campus. Anyone from a novice to expert can join. It’s so much fun and doesn’t even feel like you’re exercising.

As you can see Florida Tech offers a ridiculous amount of clubs and organizations for everyone to join. There is a club for everything and if there isn’t, you can easily make one with an adviser and 6 of your friends!
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