Keeping Female Executives in the Forefront

(Photo: Lisa Steelman)

Women have come a long way both in the corporate world and as entrepreneurs. It turns out there are common traits between those women that succeed time and again in business and those that may not have as much forward momentum in gaining higher level positions as they’d like.

Some women try to blend in with men in a male-dominated workplace – but this isn’t necessary. As a matter of fact, women can bring their compassion to the table along with their confidence and do very well. Another key trait is being good – really good – at what you do. Your network is also critical – keeping a solid network of business associates on your side can only help as you navigate through to your ultimate desired position.

This week, our own Lisa Steelman, FIT Senior Associate Dean, gives some advice on how to continue the progress that has already been made for women in the workplace. Click Here to read Lisa’s column in this week’s FLORIDA TODAY Business Section.

Blog post written by Beth Gitlin, Women’s Business Center

The original article, written by Lisa Steelman, appeared in FLORIDA TODAY on September 16, 2014 – The Edge: Women navigate tough road to leadership roles

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