Learn How to Turn Technology into Value at Florida Tech Presentation

– The Florida Tech Alumni Entrepreneur Alliance invites the community to the panel presentation, “Turning Technology into Value,” on Friday, Oct. 29, 5 to
6:30 p.m., in the Denius Student Center’s Hartley Room. Admission is free.

Panelists, Henry Heflich and Vic Verma, both successful alumni, will discuss two of the decade’s hottest technologies, the Internet and Radio Frequency
Identification (RFID). They will share their experiences, reasons for success, challenges of managing technology and how they turned technology into value
for their respective companies.

Heflich was a co-founder and chief systems architect for one of the first Internet service providers, Genuity, Inc. which was later sold to GTE. He then
served as chief technology officer for Broadcast.com, the leading aggregator and broadcaster of streaming media programming on the Web. Broadcast.com went
public in 1998 and was sold to Yahoo in 1999 for more than $5 billion.

Verma is CEO and president of Savi Technology, a Silicon Valley company that is in the forefront of developing and bringing RFID, and automatic
identification and data collection to businesses and governments. An early pioneer in RFID, Savi Technology has grown into a global leader under Verma.

The panel moderator is alumnus Jim Thomas, principal of Coastal Dominion Capital, LLC, an early stage investment company. He previously was an executive
for technology growth companies in electronic entertainment and the Internet; most recently he was COO/CFO for MapQuest.com.
The Alumni Entrepreneur Alliance is a collaboration of the Florida Tech Alumni Association and Florida TechStart, a business accelerator for entrepreneurs
and high-tech companies.

To RSVP attendance, send an E-mail message to gopanthers@fit.edu.

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