Learning New Computer Languages

I’m learning a new language at FIT, but not in the lingual sense. My major, computer science, has me working with different computer languages. In my beginning coding classes, I have started to learn not one but two different languages including C++ and Java.

My career choice has led me down this path and I’m grateful to have such great professors helping me along the way. It has been challenging to learn two languages that are meant for computers to understand, but I really like it. It works your brain and that’s kind of why I chose this major. Did you know that every piece of technology you use in your life was made with these languages? They are made so that your electronic devices work correctly which is what I’ll end up doing for a living. The education I’m receiving from FIT will help ensure that I land an awesome job. I hope I’ll be making cool computer programs and not programming microwaves (haha).

As a computer science student, there’s an expectation to land a really good job right out of college. So, really understanding and using code properly is an essential for my future success. You might picture that scene from “The Social Network” where Jessie Eisenberg, playing Mark Zuckerberg, is glued to his computer screen with Redbull in hand and headphones on and completely locked out of the world around him. That’s pretty much what I do (at least when I’m hell-bent on getting these java programs submitted before midnight). My roommate, Dave, who is also a blogger and computer science student, can also tell you that meeting those deadlines is serious business and there’s nothing that’s going to stop us from coding like crazy. Plus, it’s actually pretty fun…if you’re nerdy like that.

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