Leave Green Campus Move-Out: April 23 thru May 6, 2018

We hate to see you go, but we love when you leave green.

The campus-wide, student-driven move-out program known as Leave Green kicks off just after Earth Day. The goal is to divert as much -usable items from the dorms into landfills by donating unwanted materials to local charities.

“In 2016, the Leave Green program collected over 9,000 pounds of goods from across the campus residences which otherwise would have certainly gone to a landfill where it would sit there for decades or even centuries,” said Zach Eichholz, program co-founder.

Leave Green has established collection areas in every residence hall community, so students can conveniently drop off their unwanted items. Item specific collection zones will be established to divide items into four groups, including small electronics and appliances, clothes and linen, home décor and utensils, and office and class supplies.

After the two week collection period, trucks will be coming to campus to pick up and distribute the items to those in need.

Items being collected

  • Clean Clothes and Bedding
  • Small appliances
  • Electronics and Media
  • Non-Perishable Foods
  • Household cleaning and laundry supplies
  • Cookware, glassware and kitchen tools
  • Lamps, fans, cookware, glassware
  • Furniture and storage
  • Books, Textbooks and Notebooks
  • Office Supplies/Classroom Materials

Collection areas

  • Columbia Village
  • Roberts Hall
  • Residence Quad
  • Southgate Apartments
  • Mary Star
  • Harris Village
  • Panther Bay
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