Lecture: Leveraging Patent Rights, January 22, 2018

The third lecture series hosted by Florida Tech Professional Development Programs and Skillpace addresses how the patent system often provides the strongest protection for competitive ideas. This lecture is relevant to innovators, start-ups and business initiatives seeking to commercialize innovations. The inventions for which patents are being applied continue to grow more diverse, while the legal limits of what kinds of creative concepts can be patented continue to be challenged. With a growing portion of innovation embodied in software, many business activities are subject to risks and uncertainties about whether patents can protect investments.

In addition to providing an understanding of the patent process, the seminar provides insights on how to develop successful patent strategies around a business model. Discussions address confusion over what can be patented, identifying and reducing risks, and understanding when patents are less likely to be granted, licensed and enforced.
We will attempt answer the question “What is patentable?” and to identify gray areas and present guidelines to reduce the risk of error.

This event will be held at the Evans Library at 11:30 a.m. on the 2rd floor in the LINK conference room. Lunch will be included.

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