Lessons Learned After a Lifetime in Business

(Photo: Chuck Fisher)

After owning a business for nearly a half century, you certainly would have plenty of seasoned advice for others. This week, we have some great pointers from a local business owner that has seen it all.

It has been said that the #1 rule in business is to trust your instincts. Your gut can serve as your best guide at times, although working in a silo certainly isn’t recommended.

Aside from trusting your instincts, entrepreneurs must really have a passion for what they do, while at the same time, knowing their own limits. Without passion, you will never be 100% committed to your own success.

Mentoring is also key – a theme you will hear repeatedly from business owners at any level…

This week’s FLORIDA TODAY guest author Chuck Fisher discusses his lessons learned after 50 years of being the owner of Boathouse Discount Marine. Read more HERE.

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