Lights, Cameras, College Players!

I’m taking 18 credits this semester which are filled with projects, homework, and labs (oh my!) I needed a stress reliever. So, I decided to get involved with one of my ultimate passions: theater!

When I was younger I started out doing dance and really fell in love with the art of performing in front of a crowd. Then around high school, one of my friends dragged me to her theater camp and I was hooked! When I decided to go to Florida Tech, a high tech school that focuses on engineering, sciences and business, I was really skeptical on if I would be able to continue my hobby. Much to my surprise, College Players was there to answer my prayers.

College Players (CP) is one of the many organizations at Florida Tech, but to me, College Players is special. College Players is the alter ego of Florida Tech. The artsy fartsy side of the techy nerds (with all due respect). Not only does CP do a play or musical each semester, but has of committees that cover all other types of art representation. They have committees for art, dance, music, singing, dance, step, one acts, improvisation and much more.


I went to the first general meeting of the 2011/2012 school year and my F.I.T experience has not been the same ever since. When I joined College Players at F.I.T, I joined much more than a club: I joined a family. A family made up of a whole bunch of incredibly different personalities with incredible talents. I have built some of the most amazing relationships with the people in College Players.

Having felt so at home with this group of people, I decided to audition for the Fall musical; Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels. It was my first serious audition so I was pretty nervous. The auditioning process consisted of singing a part of a song a capella (with no music), reading a monologue and reading different parts of dialogues back and forth. The cast list was sent out that weekend and I was ecstatic to find out I had won a part in the ensemble. I was excited because there was going to be a lot of dancing involved so the part played on a lot of my dance background.

Three months later and countless hours spent on the Gleason stage, the cast, tech, and crew put on an amazing production. We received great reviews from our peers and even got mentioned in the Crimson. Having loved the experience so much, I decided to audition of the Spring play. I now go to rehearsals Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to rehearse my role of Bellhop. I cannot wait until opening night.

Until next time…

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