Living the Dream at MLB Airport

Within the first day of my internship at the Melbourne International Airport, I dived into several projects and knew that this was the start to the rest of my life working within the aviation industry. I enjoy every moment at the airport and take advantage of learning from an exceptional group of aviation professionals every day.

With so many exciting events and so much growth happening at the Melbourne International Airport, I try to take as many photos as I can. Here are a few photos that illustrate a day in the life of an intern at MLB.

On the first day of my internship, I was welcomed with an office set up with my own desk, computer and phone line.


The Melbourne Airport Authority offices overlook the airfield where there is constant activity. My favorite takeoff and landing to watch is one of the eight B-747s located at MLB. These B-747s belong to Transaero Airlines, and are currently getting refurbished MidairUSA’s maintenance hangar.


The Melbourne Airport Authority holds their board meeting on the fourth Wednesday of each month. The Melbourne Airport Authority is run by a seven-member board of distinguished professionals. Recent board meetings have involved approvals of tenant leases, airport master plan updates and various construction projects taking place at the airport.


One part of my internship is to give tours throughout the airport. One of the highlights for students and chaperones is to get up close to one of the B-747s on the MidairUSA ramp.


The tour also includes a behind-the-scenes tour of the terminal. Occasionally when we are on the ramp, we will get the opportunity to watch Delta taxi into the gate.


The final part of the tour takes place at the aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) station. Here, the firefighters show the students the trucks, their equipment and sometimes even let them spray the fire hose!


ARFF is home to four fire trucks, one that is red and can respond to locations off of the airport, and three that are green that are designated specifically for accidents on the airport.


Many everyday meetings take place in the Melbourne Airport Authority’s conference room that overlooks the terminal and airfield. Here, I have held meetings with the executive director, Greg Donovan, other top-level managers, and have presented projects I have worked on.


During the first week of starting my internship, the Blue Angels arrived for the 2015 Melbourne Air and Space Show. The team arrived Thursday morning after they did an overpass by Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World. I was able to watch them practice right from the office!


On Friday, the night before the air show, I was given the opportunity to attend the VIP Meet and Greet with all of the performers at the air show. I was able to check out some awesome displays of aircraft and drones and meet some of the Blue Angels pilots!


Staring at 5:30 in the morning, I worked with the MLB operations team throughout the air show. I was given the opportunity to help escort a fuel truck throughout the airfield to fuel the F-22 Raptors the morning of the show. Not only was I able to get right to the incredible aircraft, but I was able to meet the pilots!


Throughout the air show, I also worked our MLB Airport booth to give out a bunch of awesome freebies to the public and answer questions about the airport.


Another great benefit of being an intern at Melbourne International Airport – free admission to the air show!
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