Living Here At FIT


Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, I was exposed to many luxuries as a child. I lived in a big house with a maid to take care of me and pick up things I had left behind. Everything back home was cheaper and simpler, I would say. For example, a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant here is around 30 dollars, back home I would be able to find a good meal for less than 10 dollars. Living here at F.I.T in Roberts Hall (6th floor rules btw), has been a drastic change for me and the way I live my life. I am now in charge of my life and how it turns out. Cleaning my room, making the own bed or even doing laundry was all new to me. This is my second semester here and I’m glad to say that I have gotten used to it. I went home over christmas break and my mom looked at me cleaning and she asked “What are you doing?” Going through this change has benefitted me a lot. It has taught me the meaning of responsibility and is slowly preparing me for life beyond college.

One important thing you must do (mainly for international students) is to learn how to control your spending. One dollar is not the same as one of your respective currencies. For instance, one dollar is exactly 31.5 Thai baht. One choice I made that I thought was great is choosing the A1 meal plan, where you get unlimited food all day everyday. Not having a car here to drive around makes a very big difference as to how often you could go off campus. I was lucky to get a roommate that had a car. Which easily brings me to my next point. MAKE AS MANY FRIENDS AS YOU CAN! This is the most vital piece of information I can give anyone that comes to FIT. Everyone here is extremely friendly and they are ready to be your friend.

Even though it has been an adjustment, Florida Tech has been amazing. GO PANTHERS!

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