Logistics Management: A life-raft in a complex ocean

By Wayne Baugh, Management-Logistics Concentration M.S. ’08.

After gaining my master’s degree in management with a concentration in logistics from Florida Tech Hampton Roads, I was able to execute more complex logistical missions with little to no supervision. I was also better equipped to work as part of a team to accomplish complex missions. When I graduated from the management program back in December 2008, the Army immediately assigned me to ARCENT as the Theater Maintenance Officer. This responsibility required management and oversight of all maintenance operations in the following areas: Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Jordon, and Saudi Arabia. In addition to keeping the ARCENT commanding general and staff apprise as to the status of all the equipment in these regions, I also had to account for the hundreds of government contracts in place to support them. I was involved in several focused groups for decision making that directly affected operational, strategic and budgetary decisions. Without the great education I received from Florida Tech’s master’s degree program, I would have been swimming in deep waters and ultimately would have drown.

Since retiring, I have started my own financial practice with New York Life. It was always a passion of mine while I served in the Army to sit with my Soldiers and counsel and guide them through their finances. Now, I get to do it professionally. Again, Florida Tech Hampton Roads played an important role in the ability to be able to compete and acquire knowledge in this area as well. We studied the economy of different nations and the economy of the United States. In order to do that we had to understand how our money works here in the U.S. and compare it to other nations. Not only does this help when planning the logistics for upcoming contingencies, but it also helps when you are sitting with a family or a business owner who are preparing for retirement.

I wanted to take this time to thank Florida Institute of Technology for the great work they are doing and the great work they plan to do in the future.

Wayne Baugh

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