Looking Forward to Activities

by Genevieve

As the summer is coming to an end and my first year at FIT draws even closer, I’m starting to think about little details related to activities I want to do on and off campus. Everything I want to be a part of seems to be easy to get into with FIT. Of course cheerleading will have practices mostly on campus but it will also get me to the beach for some stunting with teammates every once in a while. I was also thinking that I want to stay involved with FIRST, a robotics program I was involved with in high school. FIT is not only aware of, but involved with FIRST in so many ways that I could talk about it in it’s own post! Sorority recruitment is a whole process and looks fun! I definitely plan on going through that. There’s of course all the more specialized clubs and activities on campus that I’ll have to sift through during my first week on campus. There’s so many societies that allow great opportunities for fun projects outside of class or networking. There’s so many recreational activities that sound fun too… several people from our incoming class are talking about learning, or improving for those who already do it, glowstringing (check out video) and trying to turn it into an official club. All in all, FIT is completely awesome for getting involved in whatever you want to get involved with. You can check out information for most clubs and activities by clicking here!

Who wants to help create the Glowstringing Club?

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