Making History. Shaping the Future.

It's what you're a part of at Florida Tech.

Jerry Keuper, the first president of Florida Tech, sitting at his desk.
Jerome P. Keuper, the first president of Florida Tech

There’s something special that ties Panthers together.

No matter where you come from, what you major in or what you go on to do in life, we all share it. It’s why we choose to come here. It’s why we pursue our goals. It’s a culture, deeply rooted in our history.

Founded the same year as NASA to educate the pioneers of the U.S. space program, Florida Tech got its start making history.

Our founder, Jerome P. Keuper, was a rocket scientist working at Cape Canaveral (now, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center). He founded Brevard Engineering College (today, Florida Tech) in 1958 to provide an advanced scientific and technological education to those working toward the seemingly impossible: getting mankind to the Moon.

The Apollo 11 rocket launch on July 16, 1969.
Apollo 11 rocket launch July 16, 1969.

Our first students were unified by this relentless drive to pursue—and achieve—greatness.

On July 16, 1969, millions of people across the world gathered around their televisions to watch Apollo 11 launch for the moon. Residents on the Space Coast, including Florida Tech students, were lucky enough to be able to step outside to see, hear and even feel the rumbles of the historic launch.

Four days later, the world watched together, as Neil Armstrong took “one giant leap” for mankind. This moment not only showed us what we’re capable of achieving, but it motivated us to keep reaching farther.

Today, Florida Tech carries on this legacy. Like our first students, we say “yes” to big ideas. We reach beyond the possible. Whether it’s our work in engineering, science, computing, aeronautics, business, psychology or the liberal arts, we embark on the endeavors most pivotal to the future.

This is the “something special” that ties us all together. It’s our shared relentless spirit. Our culture, tradition and legacy.

At Florida Tech, we are, and always have been, making history and shaping the future.

The Pursuit - Spring 2023
The Pursuit – Spring 2023

This piece was featured in the spring 2023 edition of The Pursuit.

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