Making Tough Decisions

(Photo: Rose Thron)

For those that run a small business, making tough decisions simply comes with the territory. Regardless of how much time you’ve spent preparing your business plan, refreshing your goals, and keeping up with the competition – the unexpected can occur – and only the most flexible and forward-looking entrepreneurs can weather those storms.

Each industry has its own unique set of challenges, but with the explosive growth of internet sales and marketing, it can be difficult for a long-standing business built on strong personal relationships and excellent customer service to survive among cheaper, faster online offerings.

Rose Thron, one of our IGNITE 360 mentorship graduates, has weathered a lot of ups and downs over the past 25 years of her business and always comes out ahead of the curve because of her internal strength and business savvy. In this week’s FLORIDA TODAY The Edge, she talks about the benefits of making tough decisions.

Blog post written by Beth Gitlin, Women’s Business Center

The original article, written by Rose Thron, appeared in FLORIDA TODAY on July 22, 2014 – The Edge: Tough decisions keep business alive

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