Marine Science Center

Thursday, May 17, second entry – Hatfield Marine Science Center.

Florida Tech students comparing the Science Center’s octopus to the one we have back in the lab (ours was better!).

Florida Tech Biological Oceanography was pleasantly surprised to find that the Hatfield Marine Science Center of OSU offered a considerable amount of beautiful displays intended for public education – and for free!

Tidepool touch tank at the Hatfield Marine Science Center

We checked out their octopus (not as good as our octopus!) and other exhibits.  We met up with two old friends, one from Florida and one from Oregon.  Melissa is a graduate from the Biological Oceanography program at Florida Tech.

Steven S. Rumrill, Ph.D. of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife met with us to discuss marine science in Oregon and to tell us about his native oyster restoration program.

Stephen S. Rumrill, Ph.D. was the Research Director for South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve and is now a regional Director for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Rumrill graciously set aside some time to meet with the Florida Tech Biological Oceanography students and tell us about the many programs at ODFW and his native oyster restoration project. The students had a lot of questions for him and they learned a lot about the state and federal agencies which are major players on the Oregon Coast, and in some cases around the coastal U.S. This was especially nice for the Florida Tech seniors, who are going to be looking for employment in the field of oceanography soon. What a great place!

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