Mark D’ Antonio: A Risk Master in Contract Management

Florida Tech alumnus and faculty member Mark D’Antonio, recently received the Macfarlan Award for his journal article “How to Mitigate Risk in a Portfolio of Contracts,” published in the Journal of Contract Management.  

1. What advice would you offer students pursuing a master’s degree in acquisition and contract management?
I would say you are choosing a field that is not going away. I would also advise them to pace themselves and plan carefully.

2. What industry trends do you see that contract management professionals should educate and prepare themselves for?

3. I think that times change and government spending does as well. I think that the contracting business is going to get more competitive due to cuts that are likely coming and a master’s degree in acquisition and contract management will be more valuable.

4. What inspired you to pursue your M.S. in Materiel Acquisition Management from Florida Tech?
I had a relationship with FIT as an instructor. I saw the quality of instruction and I had personal knowledge of the program.  I found myself being more and more interested in expanding my knowledge and I was drawn in.

5. Do you have a favorite Florida Tech memory or takeaway?
I enjoy going to the “meet and greet” sessions at Florida Tech’s Quantico Site in Virginia. I try to make all of these because it gives me a chance to see fellow instructors and meet new prospective students. I have some good memories of the historical location and the people I have met.

6. What is a little known fact about yourself?
Like some other students I am a fitness fan and I exercise often. I enjoy reading and writing, but little known?  I collect stamps and coins.

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