MBA Class at Southern Maryland Goes Beyond Classroom for Project

Leonardtown, Local Business
Studied for Market Analysis

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Eight marketing management MBA students at the Florida Tech extended studies program in Southern Maryland took their learning well beyond the classroom this summer as they researched the nearby community of Leonardtown and a local business, Crazy for Ewe.

Leonardtown, and in particular its downtown business district, was studied, with Town Administrator Laschelle McKay serving as the client point-of-contact. Crazy for Ewe, a yarn shop founded, owned and operated by Ellen Lewis, was examined to provide more specific insight into the needs of a small business in the downtown area.

Wynne Briscoe, business consultant with the Small Business Development Center, also offered unique perspectives to the class, which was held at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center.

As the class syllabus described, “the instructor will select a local business or organization for in-depth marketing management analysis by students as a team. The expected outcome is a Marketing Strategy that the owner or principal can use to address a particular challenge.”

Students utilized guest visits to the class, site visits and interviews, and independent research, including surveys. On July 26, they presented their findings, conclusions and recommendations to client representatives. The information was well received, and some of the recommendations have either been implemented or are planned for implementation, according to site director and professor Bob Schaller.

The applied research project was a continuation of previous class projects involving small-business recruitment and retention strategies for Leonardtown. The effort is continuing in the fall term with a different MBA class studying managerial economics.

Florida Tech Southern Maryland seeks local businesses and organizations to participate in applied research projects for students such as these. If interested, please contact Schaller at


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