Meet Colonel Mundris, Recent M.S. in Project Management Graduate

Sigitas Mundris is currently serving as Colonel in the Lithuanian Armed Forces. He recently achieved his master’s in project management at the Department of Extended Studies’ Virtual Site.

Why did you decide to pursue your master’s degree at Florida Tech?

In 2006, I graduated from the U.S. Army Logistics University in Fort Lee. While there, I found out that Florida Tech had a cooperation program with the ALU. I was especially interested in online learning possibilities overseas. Online distance learning is still at the beginning of development in Europe. Because I am an active-duty officer and have no time for onsite studies, distance learning was a very attractive idea. After finishing the U.S. Army Logistics program, I returned to Lithuania and started to prepare documents to apply for Florida Tech’s project management master’s program. I had to translate my bachelor’s degree certificates and other documents to meet the requirements. I was accepted and, in 2008, I became a student at Florida Tech’s Virtual Site.

What has kept you committed to earning your master’s degree?

Project management is a very new subject in my country, at least for the military. I am a logistics officer and recognized the value of project management in the military’s logistics branch. During my several tours in Afghanistan, I understood that project management knowledge is a must for Lithuanian Armed Forces. The main driver for staying committed to earning my master’s in project management was the desire to grow my knowledge of logistics and share it with my military colleagues.

What advice would you offer other students pursuing their degree?

I would advise students not to waste their time if they do not have interest in the subject. Online learning brings value if students communicate and share their experience during the course. Moreover, I recognized that learning from the book on my own has great value and can also be a challenge. The value is that in order to understand the subject I have unlimited time to explore it until the subject becomes clear. The downside is finding enough time.

Has your experience at Florida Tech helped you or do you have a favorite Florida Tech memory or takeaway?

I feel that Florida Tech’s instructors are excellent professionals and facilitators who support their students. Dr. Clapp is the best example. Dr. Clapp always gave great advice, was up for a quick chat and provided additional resources beyond the required curriculum that I can use in the field.

What are you most looking forward to after graduation?

My main goal after graduation is to launch a project management program for my logistics officers in Lithuania. My intent is to provide basic knowledge and skills for the officers and encourage them to pursue their master’s degree in project management.

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