Meet Our New Student Bloggers!

We are proud to share the personal stories and insights from our new student bloggers.

Christy is a first year marine biology major from New England who is ready to say “goodbye” to the snow and “hello” to sunny Florida!  She ultimately wants to study sharks; she has been intrigued by these powerful predators since she was 7 years old. Christy decided to attend Florida Tech because she feels it is the perfect location to study  marine biology, especially ecosystem biology or conservation. You can follow her blog here.

Genevieve is an aerospace engineering major joining Florida Tech as a freshman this fall. Genevieve is from Brookline, New Hampshire and participated in her high school robotics program and can’t wait to continue her passion for robotics at Florida Tech. She will also be cheerleading for Florida Tech this fall. In her down time, Genevieve likes to  play the piano and sing. You can follow her blog here.

Matt is a computer science major who is also starting Florida Tech this fall as a freshman. Matt is from Florida’s west coast and loves music, playing the guitar, computers and the beach.  Matt hopes to become a member of Florida Tech’s championship surf team. With his degree, Matt hopes to one day start a software company developing games. You can follow his blog here.

We look forward to growing our student blogger program in the coming months and can’t wait to share their unique perspective on college life here at Florida Tech. Be sure to share your thoughsts and comments on their blogs

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