Mentorship Is For Experienced Businesses Too!

(Photo: Susan Glasgow)

Some hear the word “mentoring” and assume it only applies to new businesses or less experienced entrepreneurs. The truth is that business owners at ANY level can significantly benefit from mentoring! As a matter of fact, the more advanced a business is, the more complex its challenges can become, and the expertise of a seasoned group of advisors – who have been in your shoes – can really help you navigate your way through these issues.

Regardless of your challenges – whether they are tied to financial concerns, human resources issues, marketing challenges, or succession planning (to name a few) – professional mentors can be a real savior for your growing business.

This week, one of our IGNITE graduates – Susan Glasgow – the CEO of Kegman Inc., talks about the benefits of participating in specialized business mentoring programs like IGNITE Premier. Read more HERE.

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