So You’re Thinking of Being a Meteorology Major

Meteorology is the study of the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s a component of Earth system science. A meteorologist is someone who studies and then predicts the weather.

A meteorology major prepares you for a career in meteorology 

Through its dynamic and focused curriculum, majoring in meteorology will prepare you for a meteorology career with a comprehensive knowledge of oceanography, geology, space science, environmental science, climate science and atmospheric chemistry. You also end up with a strong background in physics and chemistry.

career in meteorology
Meteorology is the study of the Earth’s atmosphere.

You’ll start your studies by taking The Whole Earth Course in your freshman year. This course is designed for students to experience the Earth as a system of interacting processes, and is the foundational course of the program. The great thing is that you will be invited to work alongside faculty on weather research.

Learn Tools Used by Professionals

Transitioning into your sophomore year, a meteorology major takes a host of general science courses, followed by Atmospheric Environments, Fundamentals of Geophysical Fluids and Physics of the Atmosphere

You’ll be introduced to the tools used by professionals to access satellite data from around the world and taught how to view and interpret it. You may also enroll in “Weather Briefing,” a course that covers the key aspects of forecasting.

Studying Meteorology in Florida

There is no doubt that Florida is the perfect place to be studying meteorology. With the subtropical locale and close proximity to the ocean, you have direct access to study and experience tropical storm and offshore wave development.

Lots of Internship Opportunities as a Meteorology Major

If you’re looking for an internship, you’ll have special access to the local NWS (National Weather Service) website, the Kennedy Space Center and the 45th Weather Squadron for hands on experience.

In your final year at Florida Tech, meteorology majors continue to take challenging advanced courses such as Environmental Hydrology, Remote Sensing for Meteorology and Atmospheric Dynamics 1 & 2.

Upon graduation as a meteorology major, you’ll have all the skills you need to become a force in the world of meteorology and be ready for a career as weather forecaster, climate scientist or even a forensic meteorologist. If you decide you want to go on to graduate school, you can stay at Florida Tech or choose from many other great meteorology colleges.

Whatever you choose, the forecast for a meteorology major will be bright and sunny.


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