Midterms anyone?

That’s the sound of my frustration during midterms. These heavily-weighted exams and papers offer each student the opportunity to either raise their grades or to have them fall. As a result, stress is inevitable. (Check out my previous post on some stress coping mechanisms I like to tap into.) Even with cutting back on time spent with friends, sleeping, and eating, it’s still not guaranteed that everyone will pass each test with flying colors.

After going through and surviving my midterms, I’ve learned that timing is key to success. By dedicating a few hours each day to studying AND having fun, I’ve managed to prepare successfully for midterms and eventually, finals. Here is a list of what works for me:

  1. Schedule each day carefully. How much time you are going to devote to each subject and any other extra activities you may have?
  2. Allocate each free block to a certain subject.
  3. After every couple hours, add a quick activity to rest your brain. Perhaps a PS3 game or a quick game of tennis.
  4. Test yourself the day after you learn new material. That way your brain is actively thinking about it and it will be put into long term memory.

That’s my way of learning. Of course everyone has their own methods for studying, but hopefully you’ll find some value in my way. Sonia, one of my fellow bloggers tackles how to cram for exams effectively in her blog and Yiellen recently did a post about how to start incorporating good study habits right from the start of classes.

What works best for you?

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