Missing Fun and Excitement? Try Florida Tech! :)

Florida Tech offers more than just a great education: Florida Tech offers FUN!

This past weekend was probably the most fun that I have had in a really long time. Florida Tech put on a Disney trip. I know you’re probably thinking that Disney is expensive and it wouldn’t be something that you could do and I thought that too, but it was only $40! Being so close to Orlando and being a school, Florida Tech gets discounts on tickets! So not only did this price include admission to the park, but it also included lunch, and transportation! I don’t know how it gets much better than that.

My day at Disney was incredible. My roommates, my friend, and I all went to Magic Kingdom, where we very nearly dominated every single ride in the park. It was a beautiful day outside and there were not a ton of people there. We even got to ride Space Mountain twice in a row! We spent the rest of the day meeting Disney Princesses and riding a ton of rides before the bus left Orlando at 8:15 pm.

Don’t like Disney? There are plenty of fun activities that campus organizations put on!

Do you like to sing? There are open mic nights that you can showcase your talents at!

Do you like to meet new people? A lot of organizations have been putting on fun events like bowling and going to the small theme park in town.

Do you like chemistry and ice cream? The chemistry society on campus has a liquid nitrogen ice cream making social!

There’s plenty to do in town to keep you busy if you want to unwind from your tough day of academics. You don’t even have to stay on campus if you don’t want to.

There are movie theaters and shopping centers which are great; but let’s not forget the perk of going to school in Florida… THE BEACH!

The beach here is pretty great. It’s a good place to go and just relax and have fun to escape some of the stress and pressure from classes. The water is warm so there’s no need to worry about not wanting to go swimming, and there aren’t too many little critters running around the ocean floor in case you’re worried about stepping on a crab (like you would in the north).

And for all you aerospace lovers out there, I was walking to breakfast on the day of the launch, and I could see the rocket launch from CAMPUS! It was pretty incredible.

I would love to get some feedback from anyone reading! What are you interested in doing here at Florida Tech?

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