Molding the Next Generation of Leaders

For more years than I can count there have been interns… and with those interns have come stereotypes regarding their capabilities. They get coffee, file paperwork, set appointments, right? We need to squash this! Interns are our future leaders, make it count!

Middle schools and high schools are getting into the mix with their own mentoring programs as well. We have a few of these locally and they are great.For example, Jackson Middle School in Titusville participates in J.U.M.P. – Jackson’s Ultimate Mentoring Program, that provides students with the one-on-one positive attention of an adult mentor. The importance of sharing our knowledge and workplace experiences with the younger generation is priceless to their future career pursuits. We can’t push this generations aside, let’s share our ideas and embrace them for all the knowledge they bring!

This week’s FLORIDA TODAY EDGE column comes from Linda Brandt, president of Brandt Ronat + Company, member of the weVENTURE Board of Directors and the Governance and Advocacy Committee. Linda discusses how we can share meaningful roles with our future leaders. Read more HERE.

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