Moving on up, to Florida Tech to pursue my degree in mechanical engineering

by Alejandra Domiguez

Hey Panthers! I’m Alejandra and I am going to be entering as a freshman pursing my degree in Mechanical Engineering in the fall. Here are a few fun facts about me so you can get to know me better. I was born and raised in Mexico, but now reside in South Florida. I love to read and write short stories and poetry. I play guitar, love rock music and have my iPod with me 24/7. I also love dance and theater and I hope to get involved with FIT’s dance club and thespians!

It’s been such a long journey to get to where I am now: packing and preparing for my transition into a whole new life. My room looks as though a bomb went off inside my closet and the remains of my clothes are scattered amongst the ground. For any student that’s going to move out to college in the near or far future, this is how the process is; messy and confusing. One would imagine that it’s only a matter of grabbing every possession within reach and stuffing it into a box, but it is never that easy. By going through my own packing process and hearing tips from those who have already overcome this ultimate challenge, I put together a few tips for future freshmen like myself.

1. Don’t take more than what’s necessary. You’re moving into a dorm that’s probably half the size of your room with a tenth of the furniture you currently have to store junk in.
2. Try to pack by location of where the items will be unpacked. All the bathroom stuff in one box, all the clothes in another and so forth.
3. Don’t make one box too heavy, you might have to carry that a few flights of stairs. Spread the weight between boxes to balance it out more.
4. Although you should really only take the necessities, don’t skip out on bringing a few personal touches to make your dorm your own. Bring a few pictures to remind you of home or hang up your favorite poster or artwork on the wall to make the room cozier.
5. Girls (although some boys do apply to this); Shoes and clothing are both heavy, and take up a ton of space. Moderate yourself to take about two thirds of your closet. That way, if you get sick of one piece of clothing, exchange it with another one from home by mailing it to your parents and asking them to mail you something else back!

I’ll post pictures of my dorm and write about my move in/orientation experience once I’m settled in (three more days!!!). By looking at the orientation schedule and speaking to some of the orientation team, I get more and more excited to experience all the great events planned out for us. Sure there are a lot of placement exams to take, but there are also some really exciting activities like color war games, the comedy hypnotists or the block party. FIT always has fun surprises at every corner and I cannot wait until I begin surrounding myself with challenging classes and exciting extracurricular in a beautiful campus filled with really nice students and staff. Florida Tech, here I come, I can’t wait to get my degree in mechanical engineering!

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