My Best Decision Yet at FIT

Another week! One thing that happened recently that I definitely want to focus on is sorority recruitment and Greek Life. The entire sorority recruitment process was very structured and considered ‘formal recruitment’, absolutely no hazing is tolerated here. I know that every single girl that went through the process came out of it with something substantial. After recruitment and my first couple weeks as a new member, I know that choosing to be a part of a sorority is the single best decision I have and will continue to make here at FIT.

My dad’s best memories are from his college fraternity days and I know this because he still has stories to tell year after year. The one thing that struck me from his stories that really made me want to join Greek Life was how close he and his brothers became. Between going to college far away and also going to a college where I would be the only one from my small high school attending, I knew joining a sorority would be a means of finding a home away from home and a group of immediate friends. Looking back on it, I initially joined for the sisterhood aspect, but already I know I’m receiving so much more than just that.

Being in a sorority makes me want to be a role model to represent my letters well. I do all my homework and take all my exams with a pen I received on bid day so that seeing Gamma Phi Beta out of the corner of my eye makes me want to perform well academically in order to contribute to our sorority’s good reputation. Being in a sorority also makes it a lot easier to get involved in the community. Instead of tracking down volunteer opportunities and being limited to ones on campus due to my choice not to bring my car to campus, I have plenty of opportunities and options since sororities are constantly volunteering as a group. The whole “home away from home” deal doesn’t just stop at having sisters to talk to, it also means always having someone there to go on a convenience store or bank run when you need it. It’s also awesome that now I get texts every day from sisters with plans for the night or how I can walk into the dining hall at any time of day and there will be at least one sister there to sit with.

Interested in Greek Life at FIT? Check out all the chapters at and ask questions if you have any!! 🙂

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