My Daily Read: The New York Times

I walked past the library the other week and I saw a new newspaper stand. It seemed bit out of place being that it said New York Times on it and was a vibrant blue color. I figured The Crimson, our school newspaper, had put up new newspaper stands for their papers, no big deal. I walked by another one of these bright blue stands in the Student Union Building and decided I should stop and look at it this time. I’ll admit, I looked for a place to put my $2.50 when I first realized it was ACTUALLY the daily post of the New York Times.

The New York Times stand in Evan's Library

Back at home I read the paper nearly every day: it was more interesting than any old books because it actually affected my daily life. Coming to college I stopped because I no longer had a street address and instead have a type of P.O. Box.

The Crimson did an article recently on the paper being introduced to our campus for free as part of a pilot program. As it turns out, we get the paper every day except for weekends and have a daily supply of about 200 copies. The Student Government Association (SGA) had this program in the works for a number of years. Some teachers suggested students read it for their classes as well (journalism class for example). The goal of the program is to make the students at FIT more understanding, well rounded, and knowledgeable of the changing world around them.

I think it’s fantastic we get this now; every day I get a copy and read it cover to cover between my 11am class and 2pm class. I routinely find myself having conversations with friends of mine and using material I read about only just a few hours ago because I read it in the paper. I told my parents about the program the other day. They were quite jealous, to say the least.

If you pass by these stands, pick up a copy! You never know when you’ll find yourself using what you learned from the daily paper.

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