My first week of college at Florida Tech

This week has been another great one here at Florida Tech. Starting classes on the first day was a bit tricky seeing how I had no idea where any of the classes were, but with some help from my handy map, and some wonderful brothers of Delta Tau Delta (a fraternity on campus), I was able to find even the most difficult of classes.

Chemistry at 8 in the morning may not seem like an ideal situation but when Dr. Olson walked into the room and started lecturing, it quickly turned into a better day. Dr. Olson is quite funny and likes to do demonstrations in class, which makes the material interesting and easy to follow. The very first class, Dr. Olson demonstrated blowing up two different balloons, which of course got the class quite excited to show up for the next lecture.

My next class was writing about literature at 9am. I’ll admit, I got lost trying to find the QAD (academic quad) but it’s quite difficult! I did manage to get there on time and live through my first day of lit. It was pretty interesting and time seemed to fly by. After lit, I had a break until noon… What would I do with my time? Well, on the first day I ended up meeting some friends for breakfast, but the following day, I decided ping-pong would be a good bet. After my nice two-hour break I had to go to Trig, which was mostly review for me but the GSA (graduate student assistant) did a really good job explaining everything that was going to be on quizzes and homework.

Then came bio, the class that I had been waiting for and it was WONDERFUL! (Remember that I am biased because I’m a marine biology major). All of my roommates were in my class, as well as several of my friends, and the material was interesting, which just made it that much better.

While classes were a good part of the week, the best part of the week was when the roommates and I got to watch the “Food Dude” in action outside of the panther dining hall! My roommates and I were stopped on our way out and were told about it so we decided to see what was going on. Well, it was a great demonstration and we ended up leaving with bagels, a grapefruit, hot sauce, eggs, and lemon. It was quite productive if I do say so myself, and we even got to see a hot-sauce drinking contest! The rest of the week ended with coloring pictures and watching Disney movies with my roommates as well as assorted games of ping-pong and tennis.

Whatever your interests, Florida Tech has something for you!

Me and my roommates with the Food Dude


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