My Florida Tech Bucket List

You’ll realize the college years go by so quickly. I remember being a freshman and how everything has changed just from last year.

Then I realize there are a lot of things I haven’t done yet on campus (hard to believe with all the organizations I’m in!). I’m in complete denial that I have to graduate eventually so hopefully there is enough time for me to finish this list.

My Florida Tech “Bucket List”:

    • Look through the telescope on top of Olin Physical Sciences
    • Play campus wide capture the flag
    • Help students on their senior design project if they’re building a Formula One car
    • Play in a pool tournament in the Rathskeller
    • Order every smoothie from the Black Kat or get a smoothie named after me
    • Go fishing in the Jungle

  • Volunteer more with the school, there are several opportunities like Relay For Life and The Scott Center
  • Fall asleep on one of the anti-gravity chairs on the 4th floor in the Library
  • Use the machine shop
  • Visit the “tree house,” known as the Shepard Building
  • Go into the Ruth Funk Center and check out the exhibits
  • Be obnoxious at sporting events in Clemente
  • Join an intramural team
  • Buy something at Old School Pizza using Panther Cash

I know I’ll be adding more through my years here. The point is to fully experience everything Florida Tech has to offer, especially scholarly and networking opportunities!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, worries, life stories or something to add to the list reach me here on my blog post or check out my Twitter and Tumblr.

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