My Summer in the Land of Smiles

This past summer I got the chance to go back home to Thailand where I was born and raised– a culture much different than that of western countries. Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Asia due to the numerous temples and unique cultures, along with the Grand Palace of His Majesty the King Bhumibol. During the three months I was there, I had time to catch up with my family as well as visit some of the famous temples. I also had the opportunity to visit The City of Ruins in Ayutthaya, where many battles once took place and at one point was the capital city of Thailand. This was a new experience for me as I could learn more about where I came from. I have been there before as a child but I never really appreciated the beauty that lied within.

Bangkok, my home city, now holds its name as the capital of Thailand. A city full of life, music, dance, and more.

What I love the most about Bangkok is that there is something here for everyone, no matter what age, race, or gender you can always find something to do.

Thailand also has many places where one could go on vacation. The islands of Samui and Koh Chang are very famous places where tourists from around the world come to relax and get a tan. My family and I take trips down there all the time and it always turns out to be a fun experience. Another thing I should mention is the food. I was able to have some real Thai food over the summer which I have missed a lot over my last year at FIT. This year however, living in Harris, I will be able to cook my own food which will be a new learning experience that will allow me to enjoy Thai food more often.

Are there any other Thai students out there going to Florida Tech and have something to share about their experience being an international student

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