My Top Three Supplies for College

It’s that time of the year again. It’s a time when the packing starts, the good-byes swoop in, and the excitement bubbles out of control. It’s time for a new year at Florida Tech! I’m sure the freshmen are pretty excited to start their collegiate career at FIT and whether the trip is far or right up the road, good-byes need to be said and lists need to be made.

It’s hard to know what you’re going to need in your first semester at Florida Tech, so I decided that I would give you all a little bit of insight as to what I needed my first year at FIT.

A Planner:
You should always have a planner to write down assignments, due dates, and important reminders for your clubs and activities. My planner kept me sane, as I was able to keep track of everything that was going on in my life. I recommend putting the academic calendar in your planner as well as all the events from your syllabus. (For online homework, I would always trick myself into thinking it was due a week earlier and then it would be done!


A Whiteboard:

I use my white board more than I use paper. If you’re enrolled in chemistry classes, or in math classes, a whiteboard is a good investment. They only cost about $5-10 at WalMart and they’ll definitely help. Doing math and physics homework is much easier on a whiteboard because you can erase as you go along much easier than you can with paper.


Colored Pens:
Physics is one of the most boring subjects I have ever taken in my life and I would much rather be learning about biology or doing research, so writing all of my notes for classes that bored me in fun colors helped me retain the information more than that of the black and blue ink, not to mention it’s fun to write in different colors.



Making your dorm feel like home is also very important when living on campus. It’s hard to be away from your friends and family, but decorating your room definitely helps! I added Christmas lights and lots of posters to my dorm to make it feel like it was my home. Add some throw rugs and some decorations, you’ll feel better and miss home far less! Good luck!

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  1. Love the idea about using colored pens to take notes. I’m going to use that with the 5th graders I work with to see if that helps them to take notes.

  2. Thanks for the great ideas, Christy! I am
    sending my daughter a Nexus 7 in the hopes that she will use it as a planner, note
    board, study aid, Skype device and so on. But I am also sending it to her for a
    little entertainment. She called me the other day and said, “Dad, you work at
    DISH, right? Do you know of a way I can get TV without a DISH or paying for the
    dorms cable?” I played dumb and said no, but of course I knew a way. With the
    DRA app she will be able to stream any of our live TV channels from our Hopper
    DVR at home to wherever she is. He can even stream any of the junk she has
    piled up on the DVR. I guess there was a reason I didn’t delete all of that
    stuff the moment she left for school.

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