No car, no problem!

Not having a car is a reality that many of you who live on campus (or somewhere close) can identify with.  I am in the same boat and have decided there is no use crying over it.  Why?  Simply because there are so many other ways to have fun while you’re in college.

I have a whole list of things for people who don’t own a car to do around campus.

  • Make friends:
    Now, I don’t mean that you should befriend people only because they have a car.  Using people is not a good thing.  What I mean is know the maximum amount of people, so that one day if you really need to go somewhere, you can just ask your friend for a favour.  And I am sure they will help.
  • Be nice:
    While waiting for my screen to load the other day in WoW, I read “Being polite in a group may get you invited back” (or something along those lines).  Well it works the same way in life.  If you are nice to people and they appreciate your company, it is a certainty that they WILL take you along on fun trips.
  • Check the bus routes:
    I know there is a bus (Bus Route 25) that takes you to Walmart Supercenter, Melbourne Square Mall and the Kohl’s Area (as I like to call it – it is basically a nice shopping area).  The bus comes by every hour.  If you leave early in the morning, you can stay at the mall for hours and take the last bus back, which must be around 7.30 p.m.  It works from Monday to Friday and guess what?  It is ONLY 60 cents.  Isn’t that great?
University Plaza is on Babcock St, directly behind the Clemente Center
  • University Plaza:
    If you haven’t checked out University Plaza, you should. There are a few good places to eat in there including Old School Pizza, Middle Eastern Aromas and others. Plus, you could do your laundry while you grab a bite to eat.
  • Neighbourhood Walmart:
    While I know Neighbourhood Walmart is kind of far away for those living in Southgate and Columbia Village, it is a good walk on a nice day. Think of it this way, you get the exercise as well as a good day out with friends. I remember in freshman year, my roommate and I walked to Neighbourhood Walmart from CV.  Sure, it was tiring, but we really enjoyed doing it. We had fun talking and exploring the area.
  • Consider investing in a bicycle:
    If you have the funds, a bicycle is a great thing to have on campus.  You’ll get to where you need to go faster than if you were to walk.  You could bike to the beach, Palm Bay and even to Wal-Mart.  Or you could just bike for the fun of biking.  It’s a good workout. The Student Government Association also has a bicycle rental program you should check out if you aren’t ready to make the purchase or only want something short term.
  • Have a day with friends:
    Sometimes, we really do underestimate staying at home/in the dorm.  The other day, a couple of friends and I had to stay in because our plans were cancelled.  We definitely had more fun than we would if we went out.  We had a cook-out, where everybody made something typical to where he/she is from.  Then we played a couple of hours of tennis, which was really fun.  And we watched movies, and ended the night with watching funny videos on Youtube.  I know that these things might not be fun to some of you and this is why you should find fun things that you like to do.  And as I always say, the company is what makes the moment the best.
  • Check the activities around campus:
    There are so many things going on at Florida Tech every week.  For example, last week there was a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando.  And there are events like the International Student Festival, the Botanical Fest and many others that you can have fun at.  I also know that on some Fridays, the ISSS has International Coffee Hours.  Keep yourself updated with what is going on around campus, and participate.

All the above is from personal experience, so if I managed to have some fun, you probably will too.

I want to conduct an experiment.  If you are going to be staying on campus during spring break, try some of these activities and comment your experience. You might even discover something else.


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