Northrop Grumman Engineering and Science Student Design Showcase Wows

The annual Northrop Grumman Engineering and Science Student Design Showcase features the final projects of Florida Tech engineering and science students. It was held this past spring in the Clemente Center for Sports and Recreation and included a total of 66 engineering and 56 science projects. In each, students worked diligently—sometimes for years—conducting research, designing and building a variety of projects, and developing solutions for important real-world problems.

“We had 100 volunteers to judge the student projects this year. These professionals come to the showcase because of the excellence of our students and their projects. Many of the students have been invited by the judges for corporate visits and job interviews based on their performance at the showcase. We are truly proud of our engineering students’ accomplishments.”~ Ronnal Reichard, professor of engineering and coordinator of Engineering Senior Design.

“Over my time at a variety of other excellent universities, I’ve never seen the level of commitment that Florida Tech brings to undergraduate research. I’ve also never seen the levels of commitment and success that Florida Tech undergraduates display in research. From studies of coral reefs to kidney disease to the search for water on Mars, College of Science students are conducting truly amazing research that has far-reaching implications.”  ~ Michael Grace, associate dean

Awards Summary

Northrop Grumman Champion Award in Engineering
Self Maneuvering Parafoil

Team members: Brian Bomser, Torin Crandall, Zach Hafner and Adrienne Jung; faculty adviser: Associate Professor David Fleming

Northrop Grumman Champion Award in Science
Visual Capabilities of Yellow Ratsnakes as Predators of the Threatened Florida Scrub-Jay

Team members: Kim Rigano and Angela Munoz; faculty adviser: Professor Michael S. Grace

Florida Tech President’s Cup Award in Engineering
Lunabotics Moon Excavator

Team members: Allison Metzger, Rafi Ahmed, Matthew Goldstein, Brittany Essink, Michelle Little and Jennifer Mori; faculty advisers: Associate Professor Hector Gutierrez and Professor Ronnal Reichard

Florida Tech’s President’s Cup Award in Science
A Mathematical Approach to Predict the Progression Rate of Chronic Kidney Disease

Team members: Roby Poteau; faculty adviser: Assistant Professor Munevver Subasi

Northrop Grumman judging criteria included: outstanding understanding of the problem or design, level of teamwork; level of understanding of project logistics; level of oral presentation skills; poster presentation and methodology, design, solution and an understanding of the underlying science, math and/or engineering principles involved.

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