Off-Campus Study Destinations

The things they don’t tell you: where to study

While many people enjoy the library on campus, sometimes a change in scenery helps to get the productive juices flowing. As I’m sitting in one of my favorite Melbourne study locations, here is a list of off-campus study destinations where you can go to get some work done.

  1. Eau Gallie Public Library

    I wish I had known about this place sooner. The library is right on

    off-campus study
    My view from the Eau Gallie Library

    the IRL and has gorgeous views throughout. Located next to the Foosner Art Museum and the Eau Gallie causeway, this is a great place if you’re like me and feel guilty about being stuck inside on a beautiful day.

  2. Einstein Bros. Bagels

    Einstein’s is located on the corner of the Palm Bay Rd. and Babcock Rd. intersection. I like to come here in the morning on weekends. The best part is I can buy a coffee and refill it for free until I’ve satisfied my caffeine cravings! They also have a nice large table in the center with plugs built in – perfect for computers. The only downside is they’re only open until 3 p.m.

  3. Panera Bread

    This one is obviously good for the food. I don’t like the atmosphere quite as much as the previous two locations, but Panera is open until 9:30 p.m. everyday. And, if you sign up for their rewards system, a lot of times you get free food.

  4. Starbucks (Beachside)  

    I personally like the Starbucks directly over the causeway in Indialantic. There is a nice outdoor patio where the wi-fi reaches which allows you to sit outside while you work. And, it is directly across from the beach so if you need a little study break, you can just walk across the street.

Sometimes switching up routine is important. Try checking out some of these spots next time you need a break from campus.


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