On the Other Side of the Table

At the Fall Career Expo, we were so fortunate to have some Florida Tech alumni attend as recruiters, which provided a unique prospective from those who know what students experience at the event.
Denver Lobo graduated this past May with a Master’s in Computer Engineering, and now works for Contec Americas as a Computer and Systems Engineering Intern. He was eager to share his perspective about the event:
“As a student at the Florida Institute of Technology, I had attended the Career Fair on campus; networking and sharing my experiences with the many recruiters was the highlight of attending the fair. I had the privilege to attend this career fair again, but this time on the other side of the table! Attending it as a recruiter and listening to the students demonstrating their expertise in their fields and passion for their projects amazed me. It gave me the opportunity to share my experiences as an employed alumnus giving the bright enthusiastic minds guidance about working towards securing their dream jobs. It was an enjoyable experience interacting with the eager students and seeing some familiar faces. Overall, it was both an honor and a privilege to represent both my company and Florida Tech at the Career Fair.”
If you are a current or former intern or co-op student, we want to highlight your accomplishments also! Each month, we will be celebrating our student successes. To be featured, please send us an email with your name, major, company you worked for, and any valuable skills you learned or tell us about your favorite project. You may also pass on your knowledge to future interns or co-ops by providing any tips or advice you have about your experience.
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