Online MBA Program Growth Soars at Florida Tech

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Florida Institute of Technology is experiencing a sharp rise in interest in online learning programs. This is in step with the fact that
more and more adults are considering online MBA programs or more specialized business master’s degrees according to a recent report by the academic
research firm, Eduventures. Also, because most adults are full- time employees, online programs have become more popular than ever.

Although the university’s College of Business just launched its online MBA program through Florida Tech University Online, in May 2008 with 70 students,
the number has now grown to 460 students.

“This growth is remarkable,” said Chris Durie, online MBA program coordinator. “We think it’s related to our ‘anytime, anywhere’ philosophy. The
flexibility of fitting the classes into a busy work and personal schedule makes our program very attractive to those professionals with many time

Florida Tech’s University College also has a major focus on online graduate programs. Although normal growth in applications by the college has increased
from 10 to 12 percent annually, that is now changing.

MaryEllen Roy, the college’s marketing director, said “In the last three to four months the number of inquiries has increased exponentially — as much as by
25 percent. The inquiries are not confined to the United States but are international as well.”

University College’s Virtual Center provides specialized master’s degree programs in logistics and acquisition/contract management. These online graduate
programs have augmented the on-ground programs at Florida Tech’s 10 extended studies sites, which are primarily in Florida and along the East Coast.
Because these sites grew at or near military bases, the Virtual Center supports many students who are militarily deployed.

For more information about Florida Tech online MBA programs, call (888) 352-8324 or (813) 612-5306 or visit us at

For information concerning Florida Tech MBA administration, call (321) 674-7164 and for information about the University Colleges’ online Graduate
programs; call (864) 226-2257.

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