Orientation Week: A Panther Prep Leader Perspective

This past week and a-half has been amazing, and so busy.

As a Panther Prep Leader (PPL) I got to help set-up orientation and meet many incoming students. There are so many of them but with so many different personalities,  they will truly be a great addition to our campus. Orientation week was packed with events and plenty of mishaps due to the size of this incoming class (and we apologize for this).  “Color Wars” was a huge success. Everyone got to meet each other and have a little friendly competition. As PPL’s we try to get students out of their shells and play for the team or cheer on their teammates! Our job was to be silly and have fun in order to make the incoming class feel more comfortable (and boy did it work).

As for the first couple days of classes as a sophomore, it has been awesome! I love being back on-campus saying hi to all my friends and acquaintances. I love all these classes I get to apply to my future career and skills that have real-world applications. I love being able to do random things with friends on a moment’s notice. I love never having a dull moment. Sometimes it gets so hectic I have to pencil my friends in to even see them during my week!

So soon, I’ll have a waaaaaay more interesting update about clubs and organizations I’m part of and a YouTube channel… once I find time!

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