Our College Tech is Cooler than Yours!

Florida Tech has some of the coolest college tech around.  There are over 60 labs on campus, each housing instruments that can captivate the inner geek in all of us.

Engineering students are especially lucky when it comes to the availability of college tech.  Florida Tech is home to a robotics lab, wind tunnels, wave generators, a propulsion lab as well as a full machine shop.  This enables our students to create all sorts of gadgets, including boats, concrete canoes, remote operated vehicles, human powered vehicles, submarines, drag racers, unmanned aircraft and robots. If you come by the F.W. Olin Engineering Complex lobby, you can see some of this college tech up close and personal.

Don’t worry, engineering students don’t get to have all the fun.  If you are more interested in the sciences, Florida Tech is home to one of the largest research telescopes in the southeast, accompanied by a complete observatory deck with 15 computer-controlled telescopes available for student use.  If you literally want to get your feet wet with college tech, Florida Tech also has several submersibles and a mobile marine lab.

If you find yourself needing a little air, Florida Tech’s flight training technology is truly world class.  Our fleet consists of 32 active aircraft, which include Piper Warriors/Cadets, Piper Arrows, Piper Seminoles, Cessnas, a Cirrus SR-20, an American Champion Citabria Aurora, as well as several flight simulators.  Aeronautics is so techy, there is tech inside the tech.

Ortega Telescope
Florida Tech's Ortega Telescope

So you might be thinking to yourself, all this college tech is well and good but will I be growing gray hair by the time I actually get to use it? One of the ways Florida Tech stands out in college tech offerings is by empowering students to get their hands on the tech early in their academic career.  Students are immediately immersed in research and training and don’t have to wait until senior year to get their feet wet.  By the time students graduate from Florida Tech, they walk away with real-life experiences they can apply to their future career.

If you are a Florida Tech student of professor, share your college tech stories with us! What are you working on?

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